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Saturday, January 8, 2011

FOR YOU, "Social" Media can be Professional and Rewarding

"SOCIAL" Media has taken the world by storm.  Business and professional organizations, especially BDPA, recognize the power of the concept.  As a leader in Information Systems, BDPA Cleveland has established member groups on LINKEDIN and FACEBOOK.  BDPA understands that Social Media is really "Professional Media" if you use it in that manner. 

YOUR MEMBERSHIP AND INVOLVEMENT in BDPA connects you with countless others seeking professional growth.  In addition, BDPA National, most other local and regional chapters, AND the organizations you want a career or a business connection with, all maintain a presence on Professional Media.  That presence increases your ability to learn and share and enhance your career or business.  If you are already a BDPA member, please join us by clicking on these links-->> FACEBOOK and LINKEDIN

If you are not a BDPA member, JOIN TODAY by CLICKING HERE!

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