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Monday, January 31, 2011

A Technology Truth

Truth Crushed To The Earth Shall Rise Again
And Be Shared Through Technology!

I am blessed to have spent many years promoting the benefits of Education, Business Ownership, Financial Literacy, Motivation, Networking and Technology.  While these and other subject areas can and sometimes do depend upon each other, the single piece that connects them all is Technology.  It doesn’t matter what your goals and objectives might be, Technology is something you would be hard-pressed to remove from your life.   You can try to avoid it, seek to deny it, spread negative comments about it, curse it; but in the end “Oops, THERE IT IS!”  Technology is in the words of the songwriter, “So high you can’t get over it, so low you can’t get under it, and so wide you can’t get around it.  What then should one do?  My answer is to embrace Technology, learn from it, become knowledgeable in it, and maybe even become proficient in it. 

How does one go about beginning the quest to understand and benefit from Technology or to improve upon a mediocre understanding of it?  The only answer I have is to begin.  One place to begin is by visiting this blog often and sharing it with others in your professional, social and family circles.  Success LOVES company!  Become an active participant by responding to blog posts, contact us for more information, and join us at our monthly program meetings.    

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