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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where Do We Go From Here (2011 Version)

In 1967 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s book asked the question “Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?”   Today I ask “Where Do We Go From Here: Catch Up Now or Fall Behind Forever?”

As we look into our rear view mirror at the 2011 celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. King, and look forward to Black History Month and the lesser known but important Black Family Technology Awareness Week (BFTAW), we stand at the crossroads of danger and opportunity.

The danger is that we do nothing or continue at a snail’s pace.  The opportunity is to promote, encourage and participate not just in reliving Black History, but also in writing the next chapter.  That chapter can best be written if we add to rhetoric and reflection and passion, a commitment to close the digital divide.  We must learn and encourage others to increase their knowledge of the Information Age.  We cannot move forward in the 21st Century without embracing technology.  We simply must begin, from whatever point we find ourselves at, to participate in the technology revolution or forever be left behind. 

Twenty-five, fifty, one-hundred years from today, what will be shared about the history we are writing at this very moment?  Will what we do today be celebrated for closing the digital divide, or cursed for contributing to the decline of a people who have overcome so much.  Will we be remembered for forging ahead, or for studying the past but not preparing for the future?

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